Bricks of Napa, Lego Party Extraordinaire

Ever build Lego structures with your child(ren), and watched as they followed instructions, found pieces, solved problems, worked together, sometimes argued about it, finished it, felt accomplished, only for it to get knocked down and never rebuilt again? Or if they rebuild it, the structure becomes something completely different, and extremely unique, sometimes inheriting pieces from another set. They present it to you, and you ask, “what is it?” And they look at you bewildered, as if you, of all people, should know! It’s because you are their creativity mentor. You’ve built with them before and they want you to be a part of ever Lego adventure. At Bricks of Napa, we totally get it! Our primary objective is to bring multiple, pre-built sets to you, at your party or special event, for your children to enjoy. That’s right, we deliver! Children, and adults, can be creative storytellers with these sets, or create derby cars for the Lego track, or create an extremely unique item using our loose brick boxes. My goal while on site is to assist builders if needed, repair pieces as needed, and be a brick buddy to all of your guests.


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