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Bricks of Napa delivers authentic LEGO activities for your next birthday party, winery celebration or special event. Building with LEGO and using the town to bring your stories to life is what we are all about. We deliver all of the activities listed here, and any new creations built by our master builders. For more information visit our website at http://www.bricksofnapa.com, or email us at bricksofnapa@gmail.com

  • LEGO towns
  • Make-your-own race cars
  • LEGO downhill derby track
  • 3 car, battery operated, train
  • Hand-crank Ferris Wheel
  • Airport
  • Fire and Police Stations
  • 3 story parking garage with car wash
  • Construction site
  • NEW! 3 story hospital
  • Soccer field with mini-figure players
  • Christmas Square (seasonal)
  • Roads, Parks and Cars
  • Fire trucks and Police Cars
  • LEGO mini-figures
  • Loose brick creativity table
  • And much more!